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University-Oxford Airport
The Airport at Ole Miss

Dear University-Oxford Airport (UOX) customers,

In order to maintain a safe operating environment for UOX and to operate within FAA regulations, UOX will no longer allow airplane parking on the grass and taxiways. This will reduce the number of airplanes we will be able to park at UOX.

· As a result, we will be directing many customers to neighboring airports such as Panola County Airport (KPMU), Tupelo Regional Airport (KTUP), and Holly Spring-Marshall County Airport (M41).

· We encourage you to plan ahead, arrive early, and let us know how we can best assist you.

We appreciate your understanding as we remain committed to ensuring a safe environment for all customers. Please monitor the Ole Miss website ( ), UOX website ( ), Ole Miss Athletics website ( ), and related social media accounts for any further updates.


Thank you, and Hotty Toddy!


Ole Miss Football Schedule


**Special Event Departure Procedures for Oxford Airport**

  • Control Tower Open:  Contact the tower on 119.55
  • Control Tower Closed:  Use the following procedures:

IFR Departures:

  • Contact Memphis Center on frequency 135.075(GCO) for departure clearance when number 5 for departure (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OBTAIN CLEARANCE THRU FLIGHT SERVICE).
  • Advise Memphis Center via the GCO frequency when number 1 for departure.


VFR Departures:

 Pilots wanting VFR flight following should make the request on the following ATC frequency at the distance specified.  Please do not contact the ATC facility until you have reached the specified distance from the Oxford Airport.

          UOX 280-030 at 10 DME, contact MEM Approach on 124.65

          UOX 031-090 at 25 DME, contact MEM Center on 124.35

          UOX 091-279 at 25 DME, contact MEM Center on 128.5




Temporary Flight Restrictions

The airport is located within the football stadium TFR that is in effect one (1) hour prior to scheduled kickoff until one (1) hour following the game. When the TFR is in effect for the football games without a temporary control tower, it is recommended that: Arriving aircraft contact Memphis Center on frequency 128.50 prior to reaching 5 nm of the airport; Departing aircraft contact Memphis Center on frequency 135.075, this is the frequency for our Ground Communication Outlet (GCO).  Click here for the full Stadium TFR!


Temporary Tower

The Control Tower will be only used for special events such as SEC football games. Hotty Toddy!


Special Events Fees

Effective August 15, 2019

Grass Parking                                                                              $50.00

*Helicopters requiring ramp space will be charged $150 for parking       

Ramp Parking      

             Extra Small                                                                     $170

                   AC parking dimensions 1,800 sq ft max (wingspan 40 ft x length 45 ft)

             Small                                                                                $225

                  AC parking dimensions 2,250 sq ft max (wingspan 50 ft x length 45 ft)

             Medium                                                                          $350

                 AC parking dimensions 2,750 sq ft max (wingspan 55 ft x length 50 ft)

             Large                                                                               $575

                 AC parking dimensions 4,225 sq ft max (wingspan 65 ft x length 65 ft)

             Extra Large                                                                  $800

                AC parking dimensions > 4,225 sq ft


***Above prices are in force Friday 7:00 am through event conclusion and cover customers for the full weekend (non-event attendees not exempt from above price schedule).

***Special event fees will not be waived with fuel purchase.




Airport Shuttle Service

University-Oxford Airport provides shuttle services FREE of charge to Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Shuttles will run continuously until two (2) hours after the game.  The drop off and pick up point is located at the Central Mechanical Plant building just to the East of the stadium on Gertrude Ford Blvd, pictured below:screenshot-5


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