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University-Oxford Airport
The Airport at Ole Miss


Ramp Fees

First Day fee is waived with minimum fuel purchase (Jet-A – 50 gallons, Avgas – 10 gallons).

Credit Card or Check Accepted, No Cash!

We accept: American Express, AvCard, Discover, MasterCard, Multiservice, Phillips 66/76, Visa.

** ALL aircraft will incur a $25 FBO fee upon arrival/landing at the University Oxford Airport for stays less than 2 hours.  After 2 hours, the regular ramp fee will apply and no FBO fee will be charged.  Both the FBO fee and 1  night’s ramp fee will be waived with minimum fuel purchase.

** Fees for aircraft requiring ramp space for 2+ hours are as follows:


  • Extra Small (Wingspan up to 40.99)                                     $40.00
  • Small (Wingspan 41-50.99 ft.)                                               $60.00
  • Medium (Wingspan 51-60.99 ft.)                                           $90.00
  • Large (Wingspan 61-75.99 ft.)                                             $130.00
  • Extra Large (Wingspan 76 ft. and up)                                 $150.00


SPECIAL EVENT FEES                    

  • Grass Parking                                                         $50.00
  • Extra Small (Wingspan up to 40.99 ft.)                   $170.00
  • Small (Wingspan 41-50.99 ft.)                                 $225.00
  • Medium (Wingspan 51-60.99 ft.)                             $350.00
  • Large (Wingspan 61-75.99 ft.)                                 $575.00
  • Extra Large (Wingspan 76 ft. and up)                     $800.00

                *Helicopters requiring ramp space will be charged $150 for parking  

***Above prices are in force Friday 7:00 am through event conclusion and cover customers for the full weekend (non-event attendees not exempt from above price schedule).

***Special event fees will not be waived with fuel purchase.


Tie Downs

You may tie down your own aircraft; ropes are located on the west end of the ramp. Regular fees will apply.

(Please note: For football games tie down space is west of taxiway C in the grass. The special events fee still applies.)



We provide quality Phillips 66 Aviation Fuels.

Jet-A 0-200 gallons            $6.80

Jet-A 201-400 gallons        $6.00

Jet-A 401-600 gallons        $5.80

Jet-A 601-800 gallons        $5.60

Jet-A 800+gallons              $5.40


AvGas 0-25 gallons           $7.00

AvGas 26+ gallons            $6.25

We do not offer any self service for fuel.

(updated 03/31/2023)


Call out Service

A Call out Fee of $175.00 will be charged for after hours (before 7:00 am CST or after 6:00 pm CST) or when the Airport is closed for holidays.

For call out service call 662-832-5689.


Available Services

We wish to provide phenomenal customer service! Services available are as follows:

  • Cable Boost ($25)
  • GPU ($100)
  • Complimentary Courtesy Vehicle – 2 hour time limit – first come first serve
  • Free Tie Downs (Special events fee will apply for games and other events)
  • Free Internet Access (WiFi)
  • Complimentary Ice, Coffee and Snacks
  • Flight Planning Room (MeteorLogix, Aviation Sentry Weather Radar)
  • Complimentary Football Game Day Shuttle  (The shuttle runs all day and ends two (2) hours after the game.)
  • All types of Charters are welcome and supported!
  • Crew Lounge
  • Large Executive Terminal


GCO Frequency

UNICOM Frequency 123.0
GCO Frequency: 135.075


Weather Data

Automatic Weather Observation System (AWOS)
Frequency: 132.725

Phone No. 662-234-9751


Courtesy Car

Our complimentary courtesy vehicle is available on a first come, first serve basis and is available for 2 hours at a time. Whether you are flying in for lunch, a business meeting, or to shop on the historic downtown square, you can’t beat a free ride into town!


Staff Directory

Jacob Pind

Airport Manager


Beth W. Shoffner

Operations Supervisor