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University-Oxford Airport
The Airport at Ole Miss


Ramp Fees

First Day fee is waived with minimum fuel purchase (Jet-A – 100 gallons, Avgas – 10 gallons).

Credit Card or Check Accepted, No Cash!

We accept: American Express, AvCard, Discover, MasterCard, Multiservice, Phillips 66/76, Visa.

** ALL aircraft will incur a $25 FBO fee upon arrival/landing at the University Oxford Airport for stays less than 2 hours.  After 2 hours, the regular ramp fee will apply and no FBO fee will be charged.  Both the FBO fee and 1  night’s ramp fee will be waived with minimum fuel purchase.

** Fees for aircraft requiring ramp space for 2+ hours are as follows:


  • Extra Small (Wingspan up to 40.99)                                     $40.00
  • Small (Wingspan 41-50.99 ft.)                                               $60.00
  • Medium (Wingspan 51-60.99 ft.)                                           $90.00
  • Large (Wingspan 61-75.99 ft.)                                             $130.00
  • Extra Large (Wingspan 76 ft. and up)                                 $150.00


SPECIAL EVENT FEES                    

  • Grass Parking                                                         $50.00
  • Extra Small (Wingspan up to 40.99 ft.)                   $170.00
  • Small (Wingspan 41-50.99 ft.)                                 $225.00
  • Medium (Wingspan 51-60.99 ft.)                             $350.00
  • Large (Wingspan 61-75.99 ft.)                                 $575.00
  • Extra Large (Wingspan 76 ft. and up)                     $800.00

                *Helicopters requiring ramp space will be charged $150 for parking  

***Above prices are in force Friday 7:00 am through event conclusion and cover customers for the full weekend (non-event attendees not exempt from above price schedule).

***Special event fees will not be waived with fuel purchase.


Tie Downs

You may tie down your own aircraft. Regular fees will apply.




We provide quality Phillips 66 Aviation Fuels.

Jet-A 0-200 gallons            $6.80

Jet-A 201-400 gallons        $6.00

Jet-A 401-600 gallons        $5.80

Jet-A 601-800 gallons        $5.60

Jet-A 800+gallons              $5.40


AvGas 0-25 gallons           $7.00

AvGas 26+ gallons            $6.25

We do not offer any self service for fuel.

(updated 03/31/2023)


Call out Service

A Call out Fee of $175.00 per lineman will be charged for after hours (before 7:00 am CST or after 6:00 pm CST) or when the Airport is closed for holidays.

For call out service call 662-832-5689.


Available Services

We wish to provide phenomenal customer service! Services available are as follows:

  • Cable Boost ($25)
  • GPU ($100 per 30 mintues)
  • Free Tie Downs (Special events fee will apply for games and other events)
  • Free Internet Access (WiFi)
  • Complimentary Ice, Coffee and Snacks
  • Flight Planning Room
  • Complimentary Football Game Day Shuttle  (The shuttle runs all day and ends two (2) hours after the game.)
  • All types of Charters are welcome and supported!
  • Crew Lounge
  • Large Executive Terminal


GCO Frequency

UNICOM Frequency 123.0
GCO Frequency: 135.075


Weather Data

Automatic Weather Observation System (AWOS)
Frequency: 132.725

Phone No. 662-234-9751


Staff Directory

Jacob Pind

Airport Manager


Beth W. Shoffner

Operations Supervisor